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Please do not change your packages unless absolutely sure of your usage, as for accounting sake, we can no longer forgive overages or change packages in the course of the current month. Though we will continue to help our customers at every turn; it is simply overwhelming us with accounting, billing and errors.

Monthly Internet Rates:
15GB Monthly Internet Usage $ 25.00 (GST Included)
30GB Monthly Internet Usage $ 49.00 (GST included)
60GB Monthly Internet Usage $ 61.00 (GST included)
120GB Monthly Internet Usage $ 78.00 (GST included)
Unlimited Monthly Internet Usage $100.00 (GST included)

Pay by the year and get 13 months for the price of twelve
15GB monthly usage $ 300.00 (GST included)
30GB monthly usage $ 588.00 (GST included)
60GB monthly usage $ 732.00 (GST included)
120GB monthly usage $ 936.00 (GST included)
Unlimited monthly usage $ 1200.00 (GST included)

Seasonal Rate: *** Any usage package $ 7.95 + GST *** NEW
(monthly maintenance fee for "away" months)

Overage charges:
Any usage amount exceeding purchased Monthly Internet Rate will be charged including those on a yearly prepaid package: Per 5GB or any portion thereof over $ 18.00 (GST included) NEW

Installation Rate: (minimum purchase price) $150.00 (GST included)**
**Site assessment prior to ANY installation is required for a non-refundable $25.00 + GST fee, PAYABLE ONLY at time of booking site test.

Re-connection fee FOR ANY REASON is $60.00 + GST, payable prior to re-activation of service. Service calls $75.00 +GST, minimum 1 hour charge. After 7pm weekdays, weekends or holidays $150.00 + GST, minimum 1 hour charge.

Terms of Service are posted on our website at or at
***Invoices are issued at the beginning of service month, payable by the 25th of the service month; accounts invoiced a second service month without payment of previous service month will be sent a disconnection notice.***equipment that is caused by animals, weather or other unforesene factors and call-out service rates may apply.

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