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Microsoft’s latest operating system has been out for review for some time. No one understood at first why they would release a new OS so soon after finally giving us their most effective and stable release in ten years.

At the turn of the millennium, with the threat of Y2K, they released Windows ME (millennium edition), with it's requirements for non-existent hardware and inexplicably expanding temporary files. Programmers, system builders and users initially thought that someone had made a huge mistake. It wasn't so much a mistake as an error on the old Fat32 file system that had served them well for so many years. Realizing that the OS could not correct for the file system, they combined the new OS with their NT file system, adding more plug & play while expanding media, and Windows XP was born.

Initially, people were leary of XP and the ability of still loading it on the old file system caused some issues, it turned out to be one of the most substantial driving forces in putting computers in every home. Microsoft became the leader in everything tech and Apple was thrilled to have it's iPod market.

Microsoft not being happy with being the OS, tried to infiltrate Apple's market place (unsuccessfully), spurred Apple to re-envision their OS and compete with Microsoft using their own very reliable version of the Unix kernel. Now scrambling to give the consumer a new product, Microsoft released Windows Vista which was perhaps worse than ME, only serving to boost Apple's computer sales and develop the iPad and i Phone. Now with the smart phone and tablet market, Microsoft is once again trying to make inroads into these markets.

As an OS designed for tablet or phone devices, Windows 8 is definitely an improvement on the Windows 7 Starter which is still too large an OS with limited customizable features for small portable devices. 8 is still kind of clunky as far as finding your way around, trying to pre-determine everything you want to do on it's home page. Windows 8 has no unified desktop that mak
es it frustrating as a desktop system and cumbersome as a tablet system.

For myself, I see it going the same way as the HP web OS and the Blackberry Playbook OS; not too far. Windows 7 is the best Microsoft has done for the desktop in several years and remains superior as a desktop in every way. Unless you are a huge Microsoft fan, stick with Android or
Apple for your tablets and phones.
Windows 8 Review